Temporary Contractor Placement Service

If you’re an experienced IT service management professional and are between jobs, or would like to step back from a full-time role, we’d like to hear from you.

In addition to the IT service management training and consulting services that we’re known for, we also now offer a short-term contractor placement service.

Why are we doing this?  It’s because our clients are asking us to help fill short term management vacancies, and IT management professionals are approaching us enquiring on available roles.

Unlike traditional consulting engagements that we are contracted for, this service is all about placing experienced people in management roles.

By registering your interest,  what you’re saying is “I’m good at my job but am not after a permanent placement and would like to explore contracting opportunities. The benefits of working under the umbrella of an experienced ITSM Company provides the following:

  • Access to our full training portfolio at major discounted rates
  • Gaining Confidence and rounding out your experience as an independent consultant/ITSM Expert
  • Full support and access to a Support team
  • Variety….

Please submit your CV and we will contact you to discuss your objectives and would then work with you if anything comes up that matches your particular talents.

Send your CV and short bio through to [email protected] or contact us on 1300 424 025.