What is ChatOps?

What is this new ChatOps thing I keep hearing about?

ChatOps is a concept in the same sphere of practice as DevOps. ChatOps centres on the idea of bringing tasks that currently happen without much visibility into a centrally visible place. An example of this might be your developers filing a new bug using your chosen chat application or your design team iterating on a new homepage design via a chat thread.

Modern chat applications like HipChat or Slack allow you to do more than your simple instant messenger applications of yesteryear. These new chat applications have core features such as file sharing, video chat and search functionality but their power comes through the third party integrations other that are available.

Two of the larger players in this space are HipChat and Slack. Both allow for third party developers to create new apps that can add extra features or allow you to integrate with another application seamlessly. For example, you might integrate your calendar with your chat app or integrate Xero invoicing with your chat platform.

And if you can’t find an application that meets your needs? You can always look at using any available API to develop your own application.

ChatOps can be a great way to bring your teams together, make communication more open and transparent and help break down the silos between teams within your organisation. Give it a try today!