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What Is Big Data?

13th of June 2017

Big Data is not just data that is big. Instead, it is the methodology that is dedicated to analysing, processing and storing larger data sets. This process is used to reveal the patterns, trends and interactions across a set of data, even if they are generally unrelated forms of data. These types of data solutions are typically used when traditional forms of data analysis do not suffice.

There are very distinctive elements that make up Big Data. These characteristics are known by the Five V’s, and act as a straightforward way to understand the make-up of Big Data.

  1.  Volume
    This refers to the quantity of data that has been generated and stored by Big Data per second.  Big data processes large amounts of data, such as Zettabytes and Brontobytes which are huge forms of data. Depending of the volume of data is what determines the potential insight that will be garnered and the value of this.
  2. Variety
    The variety of data refers to the different formats, nature and types of data that are looked at by Big Data methodology. The variety of this data is what makes it unique to those that are evaluating it, and allows them to identify the resulting insight that only comes from varied data.
  3. Velocity
    The velocity of data refers to the speed at which data is processed during Big Data operations. This differs from the traditional forms of data analysis, as we can now look at larger data sets than we could previously. The Big Data processing methods can look at various forms of data and draw conclusive trends and information from this.
  4. Veracity
    The veracity of data gathered refers to the accuracy or the reliability of the data. As large volumes of data travel through Big Data, it is hard to control the quality, or usefulness, of the data travelling through.
  5. Value
    The value of data simply refers to whether the insights or conclusions drawn from processing it has been valuable to the company. There is no point having access to this type of big data processing if no value is gained from the process.

A number of larger organisations and fields use Big Data as a form of gathering information. These include- Government bodies, sections of Healthcare, Education, Media, Information Technology including retail and real-estate, Science and Sports.
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