Software Asset Management – How to stay out of the news!

Software Asset Management is nothing new, but that doesn’t stop even the largest organisations from occasionally slipping up in their compliance obligations.  Unfortunately, it only has to happen once for the non-compliance situation to potentially become big news.

Witness the recent story (breaking worldwide around 20 July) that the US Navy is being sued for almost $600M for unlicensed installation of software on “at least 558,466 computers.”  Irrespective of the actual facts behind the story, something has gone badly wrong for the issue to have reached the public domain and has undoubtedly created significant distractions from the normal course of work within the US Navy departments affected.  Consider also the reputational harm – are other software vendors now wondering if the US Navy is properly adhd licensed for their software?

Our Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM) course describes the proactive approach of “building a wall of due diligence” as a means of preventing such situations from arising.  This approach provides guidance on assuring traceability of license purchases, usage eligibility and license consumption, as well as establishing a level of confidence in the mind of the software provider that you, the licensee, is managing the use of the software appropriately.

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To find out more about the US Navy story, a quick search on something like “US Navy software piracy” should provide a range of interesting perspectives