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NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) Framework & Training Program

More than ever, organisations must balance a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape against the need to fulfill business requirements. To help organisations manage their cyber security risk, NIST convened stakeholders to develop a Cyber Security Framework that addresses threats and supports business. While the primary stakeholders of the Framework are U.S. private-sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure, its user base has grown to include communities and organisations across the globe.

The Framework integrates industry standards and best practices to help organisations manage their cyber security risks. It provides a common language that allows staff at all levels within an organisation—and at all points in a supply chain—to develop a shared understanding of their cyber security risks. NIST worked with private-sector and government experts to create the Framework, which was released in early 2014. 

The Framework not only helps organisations understand their cyber security risks (threats, vulnerabilities and impacts), but how to reduce these risks with customised measures. The Framework also helps them respond to and recover from cyber security incidents, prompting them to analyse root causes and consider how they can make improvements. Companies from around the world have embraced the use of the Framework, including JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Boeing, Intel, Bank of England, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, and the Ontario Energy Board.

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NIST Certification Courses
NIST Cyber Security Professional - NCSP Foundation
1 Day $1,500.00 30 Nov
NCSP Boot Camp - Foundation & Practitioner
5 Days $5,500.00 Register interest

The NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) accredited training program teaches organisations how to rapidly design, operationalise and automate the NIST Cyber Security Framework informative reference controls and management systems required to deliver the business outcomes expected by executive management, government regulators and industry auditors.

The NCSP accredited training programs teach organisations how to:

– Assess an organisations cyber security capabilities in order to understand its current cyber security state

– Design a cyber security program using NIST-CSF informative reference controls to realise its future cyber security state

– Implement & Operationalise a Continual Implementation & Improvement Management System (CIIS) to automate, sustain and continually improve its future cyber security state.

For IT, Cyber Security, Risk Management Professionals

NCSP courses teach the knowledge, skills and abilities to assess, design, implement, operationalise and continually improve the controls, management systems and workforce skills associated with a NIST Cyber Security program.

For Cyber Security Auditors & Regulators

NCSP courses teach the knowledge, skills and abilities to understand what core & mission critical capabilities (controls, management systems, workforce skills etc.) need to be in place in order to comply with an organisations cyber security risk management policies and regulatory requirements.

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