Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

This course will provide a clear understanding of what is required to ensure your business and organisation is prepared and ready to manage a major incident or disaster that could adversely impact your day to day operations. The workshop is aligned to best practice frameworks to ensure your response and ongoing recovery efforts are successful.


Business Continuity Planning or BCP as it is often referred to as the corner stone of recovery, often over looked and not given the attention required. Implementing good BCP practices and aligning these with Disaster Recovery or DR principles will ensure your organisation’s recoverability will increase. This workshop will provide an overarching insight at how good BCP and DR planning with IT Service Continuity Management will provide an all-encompassing recovery tool box so that your business or organisation is fully prepared for the unexpected.

Course Content includes:

  • Understanding Business Continuity Planning (BCP) vs Disaster Recovery (DR)  vs IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM)
  • Understanding the business value of BCP, DR and ITSCM
  • How to implement BCP, DR and ITSCM effectively
  • Guidance on handling common recoverability risks and challenges
  • Recognising Continuity critical success factors

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what BCP, DR and ITSCM is
  • Realize the financial and operational benefits of BCP, DR and ITSCM
  • Develop an effective BCP Framework
  • Evaluate your existing BCP and management maturity level
  • Identify your Disaster Recovery Planning gaps
  • Implement an effective process to ensure your business IT services is available when major incidents and disasters occur.
  • Manage your IT portfolio of Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

There are several options to attend the IT Service Continuity Management Workshop:




1.  In-House

  • Brings the workshop to you
  • Focuses on your organizational issues
  • Cost-effective approach for >6 attendees
  • Flexible timings

2 days

2. Public Course

  • Cost-effective approach for individual attendees and smaller groups
  • Share ideas and experiences with like-minded colleagues in the industry
  • Gets attendees away from workplace distractions

2 days

3.  Management Overview

  • Focuses on management and governance aspects
  • Ideal for process owners, managers, and executives with governance responsibilities
  • Time-effective and can be tailored for shorter durations if needed.

1 day, shorter durations upon request

Target Audience

  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Disaster Recovery Managers
  • IT Service Continuity Managers and Process Owners
  • Risk Managers
  • Service Design leads with responsibility for ensuring that service continuity needs are accommodated in solution designs
  • IT team leads and staff with key continuity management responsibilities
  • Any individual who needs a greater understanding of how an organisation can make use of BCP, DR and IT Service Continuity Management to enhance the quality of IT services.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Course & Instructor Accreditation

Your facilitator is a leading authority on IT Service Continuity Management, having implemented it successfully throughout his career in large corporate environments. He is a trusted advisor and Subject Matter Expert in relation to IT Service Continuity Management.  He also holds MBA, PRINCE2, and ITIL qualifications.

Course Material

Material for this course will be provided e-materials only, candidates can choose to print these if they would like. These materials are made available to students prior to attending the course and for 30 days following the course.

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