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How ITIL Certification helps in your career

31st of May 2017

It is never a bad idea to further your knowledge through short courses, allowing you to gain more certifications within your given career. There is an endless amount of benefits that come with doing short courses, from meeting likeminded professionals and making connections to refining skills necessary to advance to your career goal.

We have narrowed down the 3 best effects that an ITIL Certification can have on your career.

  1. Refining knowledge and skills

In a profession that is constantly influenced by the changes around it, one must be able to adapt fast in order to stay on top of their workload and fulfil expectations. To do this, it is imperative to undertake regular training to refine your skills and allow yourself to be up to date with any new areas of IT. It allows you to gain a strong framework of knowledge and experience to fall back on when an area of difficulty arises and gives you the materials you need to be confident in your role. It not only does this, but it also gives you the added bonus of having technical skills that are highly sought after in the market.

  1. Communication in IT professions

With any area of work, there are constantly new definitions, terms and phrases that pop up as the area of work expands and develops to suit the industry. A certification will allow you to grasp any new information that is within the industry and give you a way to convey information that professionals will understand. In other words, you will be able to ‘talk the talk’. This is what employees look for in a workplace, and will very much differentiate you from others who are not wanting to take the initiative to learn new phrases and elements of your role. You will stand out as a professional who is constantly expanding their skill set in order to grow within their IT role.

  1. Stepping stone for the future

Through the refining of your knowledge, skills and communication there is no doubt that your boss will see that you are serious about your role. Not only that, but you will have the certification that will give a definitive edge amongst other employees that are going for higher jobs within your workplace. Certifications can give you extended knowledge that you can’t gather solely within the industry, and allow you to have access to a group of experts that can help you with your career pathway and growth.

To find out more about ITIL Certifications, and how they can benefit your career path, speak to The ITSM Hub today. You can call us on 1300 424 025, or email through [email protected]. We offer a range of courses that will be able to help you grow and achieve big things. Find out more today!

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