Four Ways to Get Started With Lean IT

Get more efficient and discover new value with Lean IT

Lean IT is all about bringing together the creative, development and environment sides of your team together so they can work better, faster and smarter. There’s a strong drive to reduce “waste” where possible and increase the agility of your teams and their ability to focus on their tasks without wasting time on unnecessary work that doesn’t add value.


Here’s four things to remember when getting started with Lean IT in your organisation.

1. Encourage Staff to Learn New Skills

A great way to encourage a “lean” approach in your organisation is to give your staff access to cross-disciplinary training opportunities. By encouraging your staff to train outside their core disciplines, they can relate to and better understand the challenges faced by other staff and even assist them to complete tasks when required. You’ll be able to work towards staff who can slot into a number of roles and be effective, helping to avoid any resource crunch.

2. Give them the Tools

Your team is going to need tools that help them to adopt a lean strategy and get their work done with the least amount of “red tape” as possible. You need to remove obstructions and reduce the number of barriers between them and the end goal or task they are trying to accomplish. A great way to achieve this is to equip them with all the tools they need to reduce friction in the workplace. This might be chat applications, automated build tools or software that allows better collaboration on projects.

Just be sure to follow up tool introduction with some change management strategies to ease the introduction.

3. Identify your Champions

Finding champions in the workplace makes everything easier, including adopting lean strategies. Your champions should be encouraged and empowered to improve processes if they spot inefficiencies or can come up with a better way of doing things. You’ll need to trust your staff to adopt a “grass roots” approach to their process improvement and optimisation as they strive to get more lean. Celebrate the removal of waste from the process and encourage others to do the same.

4. Culture is King

You need to drive lean behaviours at all levels of the organisation. How you drive the lean behaviour can take many different forms. It might be as simple as allowing staff to work from home because it saves them an hour long commute. It might be skipping the meeting and instead catching up over a chat application (or not having the meeting all together). Or it might be allowing your staff to work flexible hours to fit around other commitments in their lives. You’ll probably find these staff appreciative and more focussed in the office.

All levels of the organisation, from the top to the bottom, should be encouraged to adopt Lean IT principles to improve efficiencies and drive the culture.

Your journey to Lean will require a level of trust and empowerment of your staff. You’ll need just enough processes to structure things but also be ready to change them to meet any strategic changes or opportunities for efficiency gains.

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