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How DevOps Can Redefine Your IT Strategy

20th of June 2017

Every day, more and more software development is done to keep up with growing demands in the technological sphere. DevOps as a practice has evolved in response to these needs, steadily becoming more popular from its inception in the 2000’s.

To understand why DevOps will redefine your tech strategy, you must first understand what DevOps is, and why it has become an emerging trend in the IT world.

DevOps was created as an extension of Agile Software Development. It was originally created from the need for higher performance due to increased software velocity. There was a gap in the market for a rounded approach to software delivery, especially as more advancements were made in Agile Software and demand increased without the support for IT operations beneath it.

So, at the crux of it- DevOps is a series of practices bridging and relating the Development and IT Operations phases of an application’s life cycle. The connection it creates is intended to encourage more flexible development practice and a faster response to problems arising from the application in use.

DevOps is used as an extension to support Agile development practices, and aids the movement of software through various stages in the delivery cycle, such as build, validation, and deployment. It encourages stronger IT practices, and is a positive force in the technological world.

DevOps is shaping IT strategies daily, and can in turn redefine the way you operate your own IT strategies.

It doesn’t anti inflammatories only influence the velocity of software movement, but encourages stronger avenues of collaboration, communication, automation and integration in software development and IT operations.  DevOps makes Agile Software Development stronger, improving the delivery of information, predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability. It can make your overall IT Strategy stronger and more inclusive, and strengthen the way you deliver solutions to clients. It isn’t just a way to process changes, but influences the way in which an organisation operates. It empowers teams to reach demands, and supports greater employee communication and engagement across teams. At its core, it is a support of building and delivering stronger application solutions at a software level, and an overall organisation level.

It is looked upon highly in the IT world to have an understanding in DevOps, as it is such a supportive software development at all levels of a business. In order to gain a more in-depth understanding of DevOps, take a look at the courses we have available at The ITSM Hub. Our foundation course will offer a 3 day look into DevOps, its movement and the ideals it supports such as stronger levels of communication, collaboration, integration and automation, and help you improve workflow and become a stronger force within your organisation.  To find out more about this course, contact us today. You can call on 1300 424 025, or send any enquires to [email protected].

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