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ITIL Certification – What is ITIL?

ITIL is a set of practices for IT Service Management. It focuses on aligning IT services with the business to deliver value. It is a best practice framework for businesses looking to derive more value and better manage their IT services. An organisation can adopt some or all of ITIL’s practices, depending on their organisation requirements. There is also a significant change management component associated with the implementation of ITIL practices within an organisation due to the amount of change that may be required in existing business processes.

There are a series of courses and certifications that an individual can take to increase their knowledge of ITIL approaches and best practices.

The ITIL Foundation Certification course is the first in the ITIL Certification track and is mandatory for all subsequent courses. The ITSM HUB offers the ITIL Foundations courses in major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. We also offer flexible online study options where you can study at your own pace.

Why Study ITIL?

By studying ITIL you will equip yourself to assist your organisation in realising the business benefits associated with adopting ITIL practices. You’ll learn to “think ITIL” and help align your IT services with the business to achieve increased efficiency and growth. ITIL helps an organisation to put in place processes and practices that will scale with the organisation.

Further ITIL Courses

You can gain a deeper, more practical level of knowledge about ITIL by taking the other ITIL courses such as the ITIL Practitioner Course.

ITIL Certification Online

Can’t make it to one of our public courses? Complete your ITIL Foundation certification online with a course and exam or course only options available.

Online ITIL Certification (EXAM & Online Course)
Online ITIL Certification (EXAM Only)

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