Roadmaps and Plans

If the PinkSCAN and PinkBASELINE service offerings answer the questions “Where are we now?” and “Are we there yet?”, process improvement roadmaps answer some very important additional questions:

  • Why are we doing this? (Vision)
  • Where do we want to be? (specific objectives and outcomes relevant to the vision)
  • What should our overall approach be to achieve the desired outcome?

consulting roadmap

How We Can Assist

Our consultants can help you connect the dots between current issues and desire for improvement, and working out which things matter the most to your business (and the answer is almost never “everything!”).  We can facilitate or assist with:

  • Evaluation of competing improvement opportunities
  • Conduct of roadmap and planning workshops
  • Development of service improvement roadmaps
  • Highlighting of organisation-specific risk factors and constraints


  • Business priorities and constraints are identified and placed in context at the outset
  • Incorporates real-world guidance on improvement dependencies and timescales
  • Produces realistic and practical roadmaps
  • Reduces rework and wasted effort
  • Delivers clear objectives

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