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Project Risk Survey – PinkREADY

What is PinkREADY?

PinkREADY is an IT Service Management (ITSM) project risk identification and mitigation planning service that enables customers to realise the promised benefits of ITIL® projects, avoid unnecessary costs and support organisational change.

Why is this important? Many process improvement initiatives fail because risks and barriers are not properly identified before the start of a major change. Increase your chances of success by using PinkREADY.

How Does PinkREADY Work?

Pink Elephant reviews the “health” of 22 critical success factors necessary for ITIL project success, based on several best practice models and Pink’s extensive 20 years of ITIL experience. The service leverages online data gathering tools and a facilitated risk analysis/planning workshop to deliver three key outcomes:

  • Visibility into a change initiative’s state of health
  • A prioritised plan for managing risks to the project’s success
  • Key inputs for managing change


Who Is PinkREADY For?

The service is aimed at organisations that are starting major change initiatives or those already progressing through a change and are experiencing problems.  Depending on which of these critical questions you face, Pink Elephant works with key stakeholders, including management, staff and suppliers, to find the answer:

  • Are we ready to start?
  • Are we ready to move forward with an investment in an ITSM project based on the history of past transformation projects and our current operational culture?
  • Are we ready to go live?
  • Are we ready to deploy the ITIL processes based on the activities completed during the planning, design and build phase of the project life cycle?
  • Are we ready to continue?
  • Are we ready to continue with the ITIL transformation program based on the success or failure of the project so far?

PinkREADY Benefits

  • Save Time – Proactively identify strategic, program and project risks that can derail your ITSM project, and use this information to mitigate them
  • Save Money – Avoid unnecessary costs due to unplanned project overrun or failure
  • Understand Your Environment – Gain insight into the cultural and political impact on your ITIL project, and use this information to plan a targeted communication and education plan to improve management and staff buy-in
  • Manage Risk – Use the prioritized risk exposure report for executive decision making on risk mitigation

Using PinkREADY

PinkREADY is available as both a consultant-led survey, and an online subscription.

The consultant-led PinREADY survey may be the best approach when you only wish to conduct a single survey, or where cultural challenges would limit the effectiveness of an online approach.

The online PinkREADY subscription is an attractive option for organisations intending to undertake a range of improvement initiatives:

  • Incorporate project readiness and risk assessments into all of your key improvement projects — Sign up and use PinkREADY for an entire 12 months
  • Identify key project constraints in time to develop proactive management and success strategies
  • Perform as many self-assessments as you like over a 12 month period for any ITSM or other type of project
  • Easy to set up and run your own assessments. Distribute your first assessment in 30 minutes or less — guaranteed
  • Allows you to assess organisational project perception from three different participant groups: Strategy & Program, Project Support and Stakeholder
  • Keeps track of previous assessments so you can compare project risks at different phases of your project lifecycle
  • Built-in report generator with charts, graphs and explanations
  • System guides development of identifying project risks and assessing risk exposure
  • Optional (at additional cost): assistance by a Pink Expert Consultant facilitate risk identification and mitigation discussions and development of a prioritised action list

More Information

To learn more about PinkREADY and the service delivery options available, call 1300 424 025 or email us at: [email protected]


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