Temporary Management Placement Service – ‘Gap Peer’

What is it?

Every IT service provider has situations where positions become temporarily vacant. It might be long service leave, medical leave, somebody leaving the organisation, or a restructure: but now you find there’s a role that needs to be filled for a couple of months.

We can help you fill those gaps with highly accredited and highly experienced people. Our team at The ITSM Hub comprises many consultants and trainers who have come from senior IT management roles into consulting roles later in their career – but they haven’t forgotten how to do IT management. We can now offer these people to fill roles temporarily for you – acting as a valuable member of your management team and getting things done until the position is refilled or filled permanently.

Call us to see how we might be able to help with your next management staffing challenge – but be quick. Our people are in high demand and once they’re assigned to an engagement, they’re not available for weeks or months.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy – work out what your needs are, and give us a call. The diagram below highlights the sort of information that we’d use to find the best match for you.