IT Coaching, Mentoring, Organisational Change

Speed up your organisation’s ability to learn new practices with our customised workshops, coaching and mentoring service.

Drawing upon extensive consulting and facilitation experience and shameless plundering of our vast body of workshop and course materials, we can provide workshops that mix training and consulting into a highly effective and specific solution to your problems.


  • Scheduled to fit in with your timings
  • No wasted content – tailored to meet your needs
  • Specific guidance relevant to your organisational situation
  • Flexibility in pacing and discussion points –
  • Formal, informal, or dedicated coaching as required
  • Focus on practicality and real-world experiences
  • Audience size can be one or many

These workshops can be delivered as standalone items, or as part of a wider service improvement initiative.

Examples of Workshops Delivered:

  • How to Design Processes
  • How to Implement Incident Management
  • How to Establish a Service Catalogue
  • How to Assess Changes
  • Responsibilities of Process Owners
  • How to Establish a Measurement Framework
  • Managing the lifecycle of Problems
  • How to Define Services – Why Does it Matter?
  • Creating and using the CSI Register
  • The responsibilities of CAB Members

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