Assessments – PinkSCAN and PinkBASELINE

The PinkSCAN and PinkBASELINE process assessment approaches are a proven methodologies for helping IT service organisations and businesses answer the question “Where are we now?”


Using standardised questions and evidence-gathering techniques and supplemented by interviews and observation, we report on the current state of the service organisation.

Find out:

  • What’s working well
  • What’s not working well – and why it matters
  • The process capability/maturity ratings as they currently stand
  • Opportunities for improving your practices and processes
  • Recommended actions for addressing the not-so-good things – and what the result should be
  • Suggestions for timing and effort
  • Whether the organisational culture is ready for the change – or not.

Flexible Assessment Approaches

  • Choose the processes and related tools, culture you want assessed
  • Define any scope limits or context – departmental, local, national, global.
  • Select from on-site, on-line, or mixed assessment methods
  • Receive the report in person, in Word document format, or as a PowerPoint presentation

Is PinkBASELINE or PinkSCAN Right for You?

ObjectiveFocused capability assessment & recommendations for improvementsIn-depth maturity assessment as first step of major project plan
ApproachA quick review of process capability and critical success factors related to people, cholesterol lowering process, product and partnerA comprehensive and blended (online/on-site) discovery approach for establishing process maturity, benchmark comparison and cultural acceptance
MethodFlexible discovery (meetings, workshops, discussions)Structured online surveys supported by on-site validation workshops
DeliverablesHigh level Executive PowerPoint presentation focused on capability gaps and next steps recommendationDetailed written report and executive presentation focused on current state process maturity, culture and next steps
BenefitsA baseline (starting point) of what can be improvedComprehensive & repeatable with industry benchmarking
Scope3 processes, single site, with involvement of key customer staff3-21 processes depending on customer need with wide involvement of staff across the organisation
WhoOrganisations that wish to quickly get an accurate but high level understanding of their current capability of practiceOrganisations that wish to have a broad view of the perception of current state ITSM process maturity across the organisation
WhyA quick gap analysis to jump start an ITSM projectA broad long term view of an ITSM project


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