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Four Ways to Get Started With Lean IT

Get more efficient and discover new value with Lean IT Lean IT is all about bringing together the creative, development and environment sides of your team together so they can work better, faster and smarter. There’s a strong drive to reduce “waste” where possible and increase the agility of your teams and their ability to focus …

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What is ChatOps?

What is this new ChatOps thing I keep hearing about? ChatOps is a concept in the same sphere of practice as DevOps. ChatOps centres on the idea of bringing tasks that currently happen without much visibility into a centrally visible place. An example of this might be your developers filing a new bug using your …

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Why You Need to Upskill to BRM

Business Relationship Management (BRM) gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to get the most out of your businesses relationships with other organisations and service providers. By upskilling to BRM you’ll discover new ways for your organization to gain a competitive edge and better leverage existing relationships. Business Relationship Management can help you to: Develop strong …

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Dave Fails at Business Relationship Management

A story from our Principal Consultant, Shane Johnson, originally posted to LinkedIn. It’s just another working day at Consolidated Synergistics, when my phone rings for the 10th time this morning (in the spirit of full disclosure, it actually played the first few bars of Beethoven’s 5th, so I knew already who it was). “Yeees?” I …

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Five Reasons to Study ITIL Online

An ITIL qualification can be the beginning of a new career path for some or a piece of the puzzle in your existing career. Learning to “think ITIL” when discussing IT processes is an invaluable skill to have in any organisation. We’re here today with five reasons to study ITIL online. Study from wherever you …

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New ITIL® Foundations Sydney Course Dates

We’re pleased to announce some new upcoming dates for ITIL® Foundation Courses & Exam in Sydney. We’ve currently got spots available in our public ITIL courses for April, March and June. Our ITIL Foundation Course & Exam is a two day course designed to get you started with ITIL and provide an understanding of the key concepts involved. …

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