Why You Need to Upskill to BRM

Business Relationship Management (BRM) gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to get the most out of your businesses relationships with other organisations and service providers. By upskilling to BRM you’ll discover new ways for your organization to gain a competitive edge and better leverage existing relationships.

Business Relationship Management can help you to:

  • Develop strong relationships with the organisations and service providers you rely on
  • Identify areas for increased strategic alignment and enablement
  • Increasing efficiency in current activities by better aligning business processes
  • Ensuring the relationships are maintained and continually reviewed to ensure they remain efficient and valuable for both parties.

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) certification will give you all the tools you need to start developing strong relationships for your business and improve anti fungal existing ones. The BRMP certification is applicable and valuable for a wide variety of roles from across an organisation – IT, HR, Finance AVPs VPs, Directors & Managers can all benefit from an understanding of BRM.

This comprehensive course is based on the “House of BRM,” a model comprised of the following three key aspects of Business Relationship Management (BRM):

  • The “Foundation” supports the BRM role and ensures it delivers value to both the provider organization and its business partners
  • The “Pillars” define the BRM space in terms of Core BRM Disciplines
  • The “Roof” protects Business Relationship Management as a key aspect of provider capability

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