Big Data Certification

Obtaining Big Data Certification Doesn’t Have to Be Daunting

Grasping how best to prepare your business to take advantage of cutting-edge analytics means obtaining big data certification. With The ITSM Hub, you’ll find easy access Australia-wide to courses that will illuminate this new and growing branch of data science.

Addressing Common Concerns with a Big Data Course from The ITSM Hub

Working with our organisation affords several advantages, but more importantly, we’ve designed our program to make it simple to tap into the training you need. Some of the typical issues we’ve addressed through our service include:

  • Uncertainty about which type of training and certification program is right for you or your business. Because The ITSM Hub relies upon the materials developed by the Big Data Framework organisation, our clients can tap into the core certification under that umbrella, the Enterprise Big Data Professional. We can assist you in determining whether this course will work best for your requirements.
  • The challenge of keeping up with an ever-changing digital landscape. The “big data” generated five to ten years ago and the practices used to analyse it can sometimes seem like a world apart from the current state of the art. The goal of our courses is to equip participants with the skills necessary to adapt to changing modes of analysis over time.
  • Training which relies too strongly on one vendor’s platform. Avoiding “lock-in” is important, just as is the versatility to transition to new frameworks as necessary. The Big Data Framework used by The ITSM Hub is vendor-neutral and focused on equipping students with understandings they can apply across industries.

Combined with our world-class instructors, our services offer a clear advantage.

Helpful Tips for Navigating Big Data Training and Certification

What should you know about the process of signing up to work towards your certification? To help you prepare, we’ve picked out a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Register your interest early. The ITSM Hub provides training courses across Australia in many of the major cities, however the available course slots can fill quickly each year. Take advantage of this opportunity by preparing to join early.
  • Be ready to ask questions. There is much to learn, after all, and it does no one good if you miss out on the opportunity to explore curiosities you may have about Big Data processes. We’re here to help.
  • Prepare to engage for the length of the course. Over intensive sessions spanning three days, you can expect to need to process a large volume of important information. Prepare by showing up well-rested and ready to fully interface with the instruction.

About The ITSM Hub

Australian-owned and operated, The ITSM Hub is a Sydney-based business with a dedicated focus on transferring knowledge to the next generation of IT management professionals. From analytics to project management, we open the door to many kinds of courses designed to enhance your abilities and knowledge. To learn more about how we can help you set the stage for future successes with a developed understanding of big data, please contact us now.