IT Asset Management

Reduce Expenditures with Certified IT Asset Management

As technology and business integration continues at an ever-increasing rate, IT asset management is rising in prominence as a necessity to manage business expenses. It is essential to determine appropriate expenditures and limit purchases to what is truly key to running your business.

Benefits of The ITSM Hub’s Asset Management Courses

Our courses offer comprehensive training in how to manage several areas of digital assets:

  • Software and Licensing – The most advanced software on the market increasingly skews towards cloud-based storage and access. This minimises the physical difficulties and logistics but means that managing licensing and software fees is more important than ever.
  • Foreign Devices – Many businesses find that their employees are most productive working with digital technology they are most familiar with. This leads to the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ phenomenon, which can lead to security risks and network weak points if your business lacks a thorough and intelligent policy regarding employee devices.
  • Complex Regulations – As with any evolving industry, there are rapid changes in regulations both for software and hardware IT assets. This includes regulations regarding appropriate disposal of potentially hazardous materials, as well as safeguarding client and customer information to prevent identity fraud and theft of intellectual property.

The Importance of IT Asset Management Training

It is imperative not to underestimate the importance of IT asset management. Proper training enables your staff to resolve many issues and reduce your expenditures.

  • Our courses train your staff on how to cost-effectively use the assets you currently have, and to proactively redesign your IT infrastructure. Your team can easily differentiate between multiple courses of action and determine the plan best suited for your business.
  • Your staff will understand the essential differences in licensing and software capacity. This leads to leveraging your business’s needs against the available programs and access plans on the market, ultimately reducing the significant expenditure on IT assets.
  • You can use our training courses as an incentive and reward for your key employees, while also improving your business. Effective IT management training results in increased employee satisfaction and loyalty by providing them with key skills that increase career opportunities both with your company and for years to come.

Why The ITSM Hub Is Cost Effective

Our goal is to provide effective training that improves your employees’ knowledge and reduces your expenditures. Our leadership team members are highly-experienced IT service management professionals with significant technical and management backgrounds. Further, The ITSM Hub is the exclusive Australian partner of Pink Elephant, meaning we will continue to have access to the latest developments in business and consulting practices and training.

We offer a variety of training courses which build on core fundamentals. As the training proceeds, students master skills related to direct interaction with assets, service design and transition, and the Lifecycle and Capability learning streams. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how they can improve your employees’ knowledge and skill sets.